6. Project implementation and detail engineering

Product: Selection of engineering, Contracting and supervision or only functional supervision.
Collaboration: Engineering specialists and ProportBCN.

In the period between the request for the permits and their concession, the ExecutionProject is carried out, based on the project databases, preparing all the plans, calculations, specifications, measurements and budgets for the total definition of theproject.

The resulting product, based on the project bases, is a complete and integrated project, in which each and every one of the installations and equipment has been contemplatedand design errors and incompatibilities and interferences have been eliminated to a largeextent. between constructive elements and productive systems.

ProPortBCN can manage the whole project by contracting and supervising the detailed engineering, or give the support of review of the executive project from the functional point of view, to verify that it complies with the assumptions of loads, cycles, functions of uses …. etc. defined in the project databases, to which it is possible to add, give the support of the revision of the structural, hydraulic and electrical topics. , with contrast engineering partner.