5. Technical specifications, tender and procurement of machinery

Product: Specifications, comparisons and hiring of cranes STS, RTG, ASC…
Collaboration: ProportBCN.

This service corresponds to phase 1 of the implementation of machinery of:

Specification details, based on standards, concepts and technical solutions industry-standard adapted to the customer’s needs and specificities of place, which will result in the contractual specifications.
Development of model contract with their guarantees, penalties and measurementmethodology.
Technical support in the preparation of the contract to the Legal Department and theirsubsequent negotiation with suppliers.
Launch of the Tender with its publication, receipt of tenders or proposals analysis, comparative according to previously defined ratings and scoring, with recommendation report models.
Recruitment; negotiating with finalists and signing of contract.

  • Advising of specifications adapted for the terminal
  • Workshop with the manufacturers
  • Contractual Specifications of detail
  • Definition of Guarantees with measurement methodology
  • Definition of Penalties
  • Publication
  • Receipt of offers
  • Comparative according to previously defined valuations
  • Negotiation with finalists
  • Contract signature