4. Assumptions of project construction and facilities

Product: Bases of all the buildings and facilities Project.
Collaboration: ProportBCN.

To facilitate and to avoid errors and interpretations in the development of the Executive project (most significantly project databases that define the functional and technical specifications that gather all of the operational aspects of the exploitation of the terminal whole) the following criteria will be applied during the concession period : dimensions, special equipment, loads of machinery, cycles or points of use, limitations, regulations, environmental… .etc.

The most significant project databases are:

1. Feasibility analysis

Product: Analysis of feasibility with their sensibilities.
Collaboration: ProportBCN and if it is necessary with engineering specialist.

This study concerns the definition of basic needs, estimation of investment costs, operational costs and annual revenue, with the obtaining of the EBITDA, NPV or IRR of the project by analyzing the appropriateness thereof.

The definition of basic needs will apply studies of simulation of the type and amount of scheduled traffic, according to various scenarios and in accordance with tried and tested criteria using our experience, by making the corresponding estimates of CAPEX investment costs and OPEX operating costs.

Phased example of a terminal

Example feasibility analysis, yard capacity based on the dock down time performed with dynamic simulation