3. Basic and administrative project of the Terminal

Product: Basic project.
Collaboration: ProportBCN and if it is necessary with engineering specialist.

Development of the selected alternative, together with advancements in the aspects of engineering and architecture come together in the operation of the facility.
The project is carried out in such a way that optimally meets the various clauses of the specification of the port authority.
Here is a cost estimate on the basis of drawings and specifications of the project and the premeasurement of facilities and equipment.

We use the value engineering methodology, Value Engineering, which is based on the definition of the starting hypothesis of the project through the project assumptions, carried out from the functional point of view, with precise technical definitions (when required) so that the consulting engineering, together with the client, the construction company and other possible collaborators and suppliers, can propose design alternatives to select the most efficient solution in the environment of the project to be carried out:

2. Preliminary studies of alternatives of the Terminal

Product: Comparative analysis of alternatives with their costs and value.
Collaboration: ProportBCN and if it is necessary with engineering specialist.

Establishment together with the representation of the client, of the requirements to be considered in the project on the basis of basic and specific needs allowing you to take the most suitable technical solution according to the objectives of the project, estimated cost and execution time.
Alternatives of machinery and equipment of the terminal are analyzed on the basis of the feasibility study, making recommendations and reaching more accurate investment costs.
Buildings, facilities and alternatives are defined in their basic aspects of design, so it refers to the structure, architecture and electrical and mechanical installations in order to establish a tighter budget.

Example analysis of layout alternatives